Seminar with K1 Legend and four time world champion Ernesto Hoost aka ''Mister Perfect''

On Saturday March the 4th K1 legend and four times world champion Ernesto Hoost aka Mister Perfect will do a seminar at our gym!


Together with Sem Schilt they hold the most records of K1 titels.


This seminar is for MOJKD members only and for people they bring along with them. Next time it will be an open seminar for anyone that wants to attend. Now there are also a couple of spots open for people that want to come and want to meet Ernesto and also want to find out what Jeet Kune Do and Kickboxing is all about.


Interested? Give us a call or send an email                                                               

10 - 11  Jeet Kune Do with Ben Tieleman

11 - 13  Kickboxing with Ernesto Hoost





Ben Tieleman



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